Friday, March 29, 2013

"We worry about what a child will become tomorrow, yet we forget that he is someone today." ~Stacia Tauscher

I still cannot believe that I am a mother to a nine year old and a five year old. Where has the time gone?

I remember bringing home my oldest from the hospital as if it were only a year or so ago, not over nine years ago. It's crazy to think that little black haired, tan infant would turn out to be this stunning young girl. She now has blonde hair with blue eyes, and looks a lot like me. People always call her the "minny Erin". She's an amazing little girl. She excells at anything she puts her mind to. I cannot say enough about her. She does her homework without asking, picks up her room when asked, and is a well-rounded young girl. She makes me proud every day.

Not until I put a picture of myself in Kindergarten next to a picture of my son in Kindergarten did I think we looked alike. Then, seeing those two pictures next to one another, I realized how much he looks like me. I always told people that he looks like my husband, but man, is he a spitting image of me at that age. He's a little shit, but I love him with all of my heart. When he's hungry - watch out! He is a holy-terror. But when he is fed, oh my goodness, he is the most sweet/angelic little boy. There is nothing like the times we spend together cuddling.

I'm blessed to have two beautiful children. As I've mentioned in a blog previous to this one (written about a year or two ago), I grew up in a house where my mom had to go through invitro-fertilization four times in order to get pregnant with my brother. Going through that with her makes me appreciate my children all that much more.

Like I said, I'm blessed to have two beautiful children.

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